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We are open during Tet holiday

We are open during the holiday, day 25-26-27 January.

Chúng tôi mở cửa trong kỳ nghỉ, ngày 25-26-27.

Cooked breakfasts served from about 08:30, and most kitchens open for lunch and dinner. Please note that some Vietnamese kitchens will close for 1 day. The foreign kitchens will be open.

There are the normal price increases during Tet. Staff are paid double, and fruits cost 20%-25% more. Our suppliers have stopped work until 28 January. So please expect to pay 2,000-5,000 more for your drinks and some foods..

Please arrive early in the evening to be sure of getting your favourite table.

In the evening, leave your car at your hotel. Take a taxi.

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