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So you want to know about Dalat wines?

Twice this week I have been asked about the content of our Dalat wines. So...

We sell 5 very different wines from the Dalat region. All of them fit in the 20,000-45,000 vnd per glass range, but some come in bottles, some in boxes, and one in large 30 litre containers.

I've got to say that two of these wines are very surprising. The cheapest was our tactic to stop people bringing their own bottle of Dalat Classic... Maybe people don't know, but a wine bought

for 80,000 vnd in Ham Tien market has probably sat on the shelf in the open sun for the last month or two, and has been stored at 35 degrees Centigrade ever since is was shipped from the manufacturer. It's not good wine. But our "Classic" arrives direct from the maker and goes straight into cold storage. We sell at the equivalent of 100,000 per bottle. And you can really taste the difference! In fact, it's our most popular wine.

At the other end of the scale our "Special" is easily at the level of some third-world table wines, but at half the price. It's fruity, medium bodied, and genuinely about 12% alcohol. Highly recommended by many of our customers.

So, I needed to find out what grapes are used by the Dalat wineries,. and as a result discovered that... Well, read it for yourself: http://www.wine-explorers.net/en/travelog/do-you-know-vietnamese-wine

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