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Using a Kitchen at Dong Vui

Who would like a kitchen at Dong Vui?

... An enthusiastic, energetic, hard working person who loves to cook, and who loves to provide exciting food for customers.

... A person who likes to work with a lot of people, foreigners and Vietnamese. We are a friendly team. We cooperate to improve Dong Vui so that we all benefit. We do not compete with each other. 

... A person who can run a small business, and who understands that it is easier to comply with business obligations than to avoid them.

The business works because cooks attract customers, and the bar sells drinks. Money from selling drinks is used to reduce the cost of the cooks working in Dong Vui. It's a circular process.


The person who thinks; "there are many customers in Dong Vui, I can make a lot of money" has misunderstood. The cook has to work to attract customers.

What is the business?

Đông Vui is a large restaurant style food court of 1260 m2 in the centre of Ham Tien, Mui Ne. With plenty of trees covering the open areas, the structures are of wooden frames and coconut leaf roofs, perfect for tourists wanting to experience traditional Vietnamese ambiance. The customer feels that they are in a single restaurant and yet they have access to a wide range of different foods.


The site has 3 dining areas with roofs and some open dining areas shaded by mature trees. In the centre is a bar which sells a wide range of draft & craft beers.

There are 13 other kitchens supplying food to customers.

Only the bar sells drinks.

The owner is English.

About the ideal cook and kitchen

The kitchen must have a very strong concept, and all food sold at the kitchen must comply with that concept. The customer must automatically know what is available as soon as they glance at the menu.

The menu must not duplicate any food sold by other cooks. This requires a sensible attitude and some negotiation.

The prices are appropriate to the eastern end of Ham Thien. That means food must be much cheaper than the western resort area.

The kitchens must normally be open 6 or 7 days a week, and should be open at the weekend and during national holidays. 

About the kitchen

Most of the kitchens are either 3m x 4m or 3.5m x 3.5m. They are supplied with a big double washbasin, 2 water supplies, water drains, electricity, sockets, lights, work benches. 

The cook must supply the cooker, the fridge, the freezer, plates, bowls, cutlery, and any movable cooking equipment. All the equipment must be modern and safe to use.

The cook will normally employ 1 or 2 workers. One will run food to the tables, collect dishes, wash plates etc. The other will help to cook. This may increase during high season and decrease in low season.

Can you buy a kitchen?

No.  The contract is not transferrable. When the chef quits, the contract terminates.

You can buy a brand and all the equipment belonging to an existing kitchen user, but they cannot sell something that is not theirs.

About the contract

The chef agrees a cooperation contract with the Dong Vui company. This is not a rental agreement. It is an agreement to work together and to follow a set of rules.

The cook pays a monthly cooperation fee to use the kitchen.  The cook pays for electricity used in the kitchen. The electricity meters are very modern and can calculate the exact cost. 

The cook pays a small fee for the fixed items in the kitchen.

The cook buys all their ingredients and keeps all their sales revenue.


The cook is responsible for their own business. Foreigners must have a "TNHH" company (normally as an investor) and they must have valid visa/TRC etc. VN people must have a business licence, normally for a "family business".

The cook must pay their own taxes, insurances, etc. The Dong Vui company provides tax invoices to the cooks.

The cook must follow all VN law, including food safety regulations which implies an annual health check and proper documentation.

Daily Routine at The food Court

Dong Vui is open every day including holidays.

Our cleaners and other workers open the gates from 06:00. They sweep, tidy tables, and care for the trees and plants.

The first kitchen normally opens at about 08:15. But your kicthen can open earlier. 

The 13 kitchens open and close when they want, but most are open from breakfast or lunchtime until 22:00.  The bar closes at 23:00 and the security guard closes the gates.

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Zalo:  0834517858

Whatsapp: +84834517858

Phone (English):- 0834517858

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