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Dong Vui Corporate Information

"Dong Vui Food Court" alternatively known as
"Khu âm thực Đông Vui" is wholly and operated by
Công Ty TNHH Quản Lý Hoa Sen Xanh
Business registration number 3401136839
Registered at the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Thuan province Business Registration Office on 31 October 2016.

Dong Vui operates under Vietnamese law.
Each business within the food court is also required to comply with the same regulations and to offer similar terms and conditions.

Businesses that sell food and drink are required to hold a "food and drink retail" licence. The holder is required to comply with a set of rules concerning food safety and to subject themselves to an annual food hygiene inspection. 

Suppliers of food and drink to Dong Vui have supply contracts and provide the company with certification of quality tests. In the event of a serious failure in the quality of food and drink, then the source of the product can be traced.
The most recent inspection at Dong Vui was in early September 2023.
The certificate is available for inspection by customers.

Businesses that sell alcohol are required to hold an "alcohol retail" licence.
Dong Vui holds such a licence.  Customers are requested not to ask their under-18 friends and family to buy or collect alcoholic drinks no matter who will drink them.


Dong Vui Terms & Conditions

Food & Drink From Other Vendors

The food court is funded by the profits made by the bar.  All lighting, electricity, fans, chairs, tables, cleaning etc is provided by the bar.

This means that anyone bringing drink from outside of Dong Vui is not contributing to it.

The cooks pay a relatively small fee to sell food within the food court. It is not a rental payment and just covers the cost of site ground rent, maintenance, security etc. 

This means that anyone bringing food from outside is not a customer of the food court.

Motorbike parking

The police demand that the roadside should be kept clear of vehicles and other major obstructions.  Dong Vui provides a vehicle handler who will assist with parking customer vehicles.

Customers parking motorbikes on the roadside are requested to leave the steering unlocked so that the handler can move the motorbike.

Any vehicle parked closer than 2m from the road edge (including overhanging parts of the vehicle) may be removed by the police at any time without warning. Dong Vui cannot accept responsibility for the vehicle being taken away.


Dong Vui expects customers to behave in a polite and considerate manner. Any person causing a nuisance to other customers or staff may be asked to leave. If force is required than in extreme cases the person may be removed by the local police who carry heavy batons and who are not reluctant to using them.

Security Cameras

The food court is equipped with a large number of security cameras for the protection of customers and property.  Customers entering Dong Vui may be recorded on video. There are no laws about this in Vietnam. All video material will be destroyed after about 2 months unless it is required as evidence of a problem. 


Customers are asked to take care of all valuables whilst at Dong Vui. The company cannot be held responsible for the loss of valuable items.

Health and Safety

Vietnamese culture and law tends towards people taking personal responsibility for their safety.

Dong Vui makes every effort to ensure that customers and staff are safe from injury, however, given the lack of formal testing or certification of products sold in the country, Dong Vui cannot normally be held responsible for such issues.

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