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Please Do Not Bring Food And Drinks Into Dong Vui

Dong Vui is able to exist because the bar provides a huge amount of financial assistance to the cooks. It is essential that customers buy drinks fom the bar.

The bar earns money by providing a very wide range of high quality drinks at very low prices.  In many cases, the drinks are priced at 50% of prices of our competitors.

But we work hard to provide a nice environment, music, lighting, cleaners, glasses, sofas, etc, and we cannot compete with the price of shops on the street.

Some customers think that they can save money by buying their drinks from the shops and bringing them into Dong Vui.  But if people do that, how do we pay for cleaners, maintenance..etc? 

Imagine you work at Dong Vui, and you see your salary and tips disappearing because customers buy drinks from cheap shops.  Imagine cleaning a table for someone who refused to pay you for your service.  Did the shop where you bought your drink offer you a nice clean toilet with soap? 

If people do not pay for the nice environment where they enjoy their food, then we will have to close. 

For that reason, we do not allow people to bring food and drinks into Dong Vui.

Thank you for understanding.

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