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Recruiting Kitchen Staff

Who would like this job?

... An enthusiastic and energetic, fun person who likes to cook food for foreigners and Vietnamese.

... A person who likes a busy work-place, and likes to keep their customers and team-mates happy.

... A person who likes their working environment to be nice and convenient.

... A person who doesn't mind occasionally having to do a bit extra to support the team.


... A person who is interested in improving their English skills. 

What are the working hours?

The bar and brunch kitchen operate 2 shifts;

  • 08:00 to 16:00

  • 16:00 to 23:15

Regular staff work the whole shift, but can vary their arrival and departure if other staff agree.

Casual staff work whatever times are agreed with the manager. 

We work 6 days each week. 

We work on public holidays.

What work will the kitchen staff do?

  • Take customer orders, take customer money.

  • Cook meals to order.

  • Bake bread, make cakes, doughnuts and other desserts.

  • Deliver drinks to the customer, either at the bar or to the table

  • Make fruit drinks (juices & smoothies)

  • Make teas and coffees 

  • Serve bottled and canned drinks and draft beers

  • Check ingredients inventory and record the amounts on a phone app. Request more stock.

  • Make the kitchen clean and tidy

  • When necessary, help clean and tidy the customer area

  • Collect empty glasses and plates from the tables

  • Help to open/close the bar and kitchen

  • Cashiers open/close the cash machines  

  • Comply with timekeeping and attendance rules.

What is the salary?

Salary depends on skills and capabilities. 


A worker who speaks good English will earn more than someone who does not. A fast and happy worker who helps everyone will get bigger bonuses. A person who actively increases our sales will get bigger bonuses.

Regular employees will start with a probationary month to check suitability, and then agree the final salary. Social Insurance and Health insurance can be paid.

We now have a new salary system. The salary comprises;-

- Basic wage

- Food and travel allowances

- Personal bonus

- Team bonus

- Employer's contribution to insurance etc

- Employee's contribution to insurance etc

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About the cooking staff

The kitchen staff roles have 3 levels. Any person can take as many of the roles as they are able to do:-

  1. Main Cook who must speak a little English enough to understand the customer order. The cook prepares western style breakfast food. The main cook ensures that food is always prepared to the right standard. The cook may also suggest changes to menus. We can train anyone who has basic cooking skills.  

  2. Second Cook who speaks a little English, enough to understand the customer order. The cook prepares western style breakfast food. The second cook learns from the main cook.   We can train anyone who has basic cooking skills.  

  3. Server who makes drinks and delivers them to the customers. Drinks include fruit juices, tea, coffee, smoothies, beers, wines, etc. We can train how to make drinks our way. It's useful to know some English.

  4. Cashier who speaks some English, takes orders, operates the cash machine, and can work at the other levels too. They are trained to use the cash machine.  Normally this person is also a cook.

  5. Kitchen Manager is a job that requires some basic  management skills. It is responsible for the profitability of the kitchen. The person ensures that the kitchen has enough cooking ingredients and places orders when necessary. The manager will also arrange for menu and price changes. They will ensure that kitchen is kept clean and tidy and that food safety rules are being followed.  This person is probably a cashier too.  It is necessary to be able to make changes to the cash machine system. 

  6. All staff can serve drinks at the bar.


All of our staff do a bit of each of the jobs because we are a team and we support each other.  The minimum number of staff in low season is 2-3 people. Salaries depend on how good the person is at each role.

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What Our Team Does

The central DV team operates the drinks bar and one of the 13 kitchens in the food court.

It is responsible for selling western style breakfast food at the Brunch kitchen. They sell drinks (fruit drinks, smoothies, beers, wines, cocktails) at the bar.

The cleaners look after all of the public dining areas, toilets, etc. The security guard and janitor look after the buildings and infrastructure.   The manager controls all of those staff and must organise shifts and working times for them.

What is the business?

Đông Vui is a large restaurant style food court of 1260 m2 in the centre of Ham Tien, Mui Ne. With plenty of trees covering the open areas, the structures are of wooden frames and coconut leaf roofs, perfect for tourists wanting to experience traditional Vietnamese ambiance. The customer feels that they are in a single restaurant and yet they have access to a wide range of difference foods.


The site has 3 dining areas with roofs and some open dining areas shaded by mature trees. In the centre is a bar which sells a wide range of draft & craft beers.

There are 13 other kitchens supplying food to customers. The chefs have a cooperation contract with the DV company and pays a monthly cooperation fee.

Only the bar sells drinks.


The owner is English.

Dong Vui  - Draft version_edited.jpg

Daily Routine at The food Court

Dong Vui is open every day including holidays.

Our cleaners and other workers open the gates from 06:00. They sweep, tidy tables, and care for the trees and plants.

The chief "Brunch" cook opens the kitchen at about 08:00.  This includes opening the bar doors.

The 2 Brunch cooks work until 16:00 when the Brunch kitchen closes. They will also serve at the bar during the day. 

The Brunch kitchen is busy from about 09:00-10:30 (mainly tourists) and also at lunchtime.  The bar starts to be busy from about 17:30 until about 22:00.

The other 13 kitchens open and close when they want, but most are open from lunchtime until 22:00.  The bar closes at 23:00 and the security guard closes the gates. 

At 23:00 we empty the cash machines and close the shift, lock the doors and go home. 

Dong Vui Night scene 01.jpg

Personal Data Protection

We comply with Vietnam Decree No. 13/2023/ND-CP regarding Personal Data Protection. 

In replying to our advert, you agree to allow us to keep your contact details and any basic personal information that you provide for the purpose of the job application.

If your application is not successful this time, we will retain only your contact details. We will delete any private or unnecessary personal information after the application process is completed.  


Zalo:  0834517858

Whatsapp: +84834517858

Phone (English):- 0834517858

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