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New map Of Dong Vui!

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Summer 2019 was "interesting"...

El Cafe had to be closed due to... well, let's not talk about that. So the two kitchens managed by the owner of El Cafe became available for new cooks.

- "Green Queen" was first in, providing a great vegetarian-plus menu that is becoming extremely popular with veggies and meat eaters alike.

- The other kitchen was taken over by "Fiore" providing a wide ranging menu including a 500g beef steak and a 300g rack of barbecued ribs. They also have a secret menu item, but you'll need to visit the kitchen...

JJ's Cocktail bar left us suddenly in August. A new cocktail bar opened with a bigger menu which is slowly increasing. The new cocktail bar opens earlier (5pm) and closes much later (11pm). Most days you can get a cocktail at almost any time, but we don't like to promise them every day.

The kitchen section of JJ's was taken over by Mr Chef, run by one of the cooks from the El Cafe stable, but who decided to get out. His new menu includes a great range of vegetarian options that the local veggies might be familiar with. Our new map is shown on the front page of our website. Click the kitchen name to see more information, and maybe an online menu.

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