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French Pastries From The Brunch Bar

Croissants... Don't you just love the smell of croissants cooking?

The Brunch bar now sells a range French pastries made with 100% French butter, freshly baked on site at Dong Vui every day. They are not cooked, frozen, and sent from Saigon so that someone can reheat them! Oh No.

We have plain buttered croissants, apple filled pastries, pain au raisin, and pain au chocolat.

Take away... Why not take some home for breakfast? Sprinkle some cheese on a butter croissant and add a slice of cooked bacon, then grill briefly until the cheese melts. It's delicious.

We only cook 5-6 pastries every 25-30 minutes, so if you need a lot then please let the cook know in advance. We need about 3 hours to prepare a fresh batch from start to finish.

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