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Dong Vui Payment Methods

The food court operator does not receive any part of the customer payment made to the cook/kitchen.

Each kitchen is responsible for its own methods of taking payment.

They are independent businesses that pay their own taxes.

Several kitchens (including Brunch Bar and Bar) can accept card payments, but new methods are being added all the time.

Payment methods that are (or will be accepted soon) include;-

VISA, Mastercard, MoMo, GooglePay, ApplePay, etc.

"QR Code" bank transfer are possible from domestic banks. Check with the relevant vendor. 

The vendor will be charged by the bank for most card and digital transactions. This will vary depending on the source of the money. For foreign banks the charge is typically 2.8%.  That is paid buy the vendor, not by the customer.  It is illegal in Vietnam to change the selling price according to the method of payment. 

"Cash-back" transactions are not sensible because the vendor will pay 8%-10% sales tax and 20% company tax on the apparent profit.

You can assume that any vendor willing to do cash-back is not reporting truthfully to the tax office. 

The nearest ATM is at Hoàng Ngọc resort, about 1 km to the west of Dong Vui.


Vietnamese cash is accepted by all kitchens at Dong Vui.

We do not recommend bring dollars to Vietnam as many places will not accept them. This is because of the stringent standards for foreign exchange of cash in the banks. The smallest damage to a dollar bank note will result in its rejection by the bank.

Some shops will change dollars directly to Vietnamese dong.  Very often they will give a better rate than the banks. They will always prefer high value notes and may give better rates for a $100 note than for a $1 note. It is illegal for un-licenced agencies to do foreign exchange in Vietnam.

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