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Dong Vui Food Court -  Mui Ne - review sites

At present, Google seems to be the best place to leave a review for Dong Vui Food Court.

TripAdvisor DV

Food Courts are not permitted on TripAdvisor. We do not have a TripAdvisor entry. All our kitchens are encouraged to have their own entry.

If you find a local food court advertised on TripAdvisor then they have give false information and you can report it. 

TripAdvisor's policy is that a foodcourt can contain many advertisers and therefore it is not fair to allow a place to be advertised more than once under several names.

Certain unscrupulous businesses will not only try to get around this problem by adding an entry and then renaming it, but also they will choose a business name very similar to their competitor. For example, "Dong Vui Khu Am Thuc" includes two key words; "food" and "fun". So an advertiser who chooses to advertise using "Fun and Food" is trying to fool Google and other search pages into directing the customer to his page and away from ours.

Facebook seems to be shutting down their reviews facility. Past reviews can be seen, but there is no way to add new reviews. You can post photos and comments on the timeline.

Facebook Reviews
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