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Sorry, the central management team cannot arrange online orders for the kitchens at the moment.
Please contact the relevant cook/kitchen. 
  1. The menus are on the online order page .

  2. It's really easy!  Pay when you get the food.

  3. The menu bar on the left lists all the kitchen menus that are available today. Select a kitchen to see the menu.

  4. You can order from all the menus.

  5. Select a menu item.

  6. Options may be available for some items.

  7. If the item says "Unavailable" it's because the kitchen is not open for orders at that time. 

  8. Check the "My Order" list before ordering.

  9. Choose beers and wines etc from the drinks menus. 

  10. Select "Pick Up" or "Delivery" A delivery charge might be added.

  11. Drinks orders over a certain value will be credited the delivery charge.

  12. Enter your name, delivery address and phone number, please check it carefully. You can connect via Facebook. For deliveries, you can enter your location automatically. But check it!

  13. A motorbike rider will deliver the food when it is ready.

  14. Delivery costs are based on distance. 

  15. Payment is by cash only at the moment.



Take-aways will be available from any kitchen taking part in the delivery service, at the same opening times as the delivery service. 
Just go to the kitchen to order, then wait for your food.
You cannot eat take-away food at Dong Vui.
To order ahead, use the "Order Online" tab and give your delivery address as 246 Nguyen Dinh Chieu. We will then keep your food at the relevant kitchen.

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