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Dông Vui

Dông Vui was created in 2014 as a mixed food and shopping area, but quickly became a food court. It was sold to the current owner in 2016 when it was doubled in size and rebuilt.

The food court became very popular and was one of the "must visit" locations in Mui Ne. Unfortunately COVID caused extensive damage to the tourist industry and many of the food court kitchens were closed. The owner kept it open to support staff and cooks during COVID, but now sees the end of the pandemic and wishes to make changes.

He is willing to stay in the company to support a new owner, but he wants to dedicate more time to other activities. 

Therefore the site and its assets are for sale either as a complete package or as a limited partnership, or as its individual assets.

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What is for sale

We suggest the the site can be refurbished as either a food court or as a single restaurant.

  • The site has 3 covered dining areas with open areas covered by mature trees.

  • Roofs are all coconut leaf. 

  • The centre area has the main bar.

  • The bar is equipped with a large cold room and draft beer systems.

  • The dining areas are surrounded by smaller buildings that contain kitchens. Most need to be refurbished.

  • There is various seating for hundreds of people (tables, chairs, sofas, etc).


Zalo:  0834517858

Whatsapp: +84834517858


Phone (Tiếng Việt):- 0379101150

Phone (English):- 0834517858