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Đông Vui Food Court

Đông Vui is a large restaurant style food court of 1260 m2 in the centre of Ham Tien, Mui Ne. With plenty of trees covering the open areas, the structures are of wooden frames and coconut leaf roofs, perfect for tourists wanting to experience traditional Vietnamese ambiance. The customer feels that they are in a single restaurant and yet they have access to a wide range of difference foods.


The site has 3 covered dining areas and open dining areas shaded by mature trees. In the centre is a bar with a large cold room from which a wide range of draft & craft beers are sold.

Created in 2014, it was sold to the current owner in 2016 when it was doubled in size and rebuilt. That owner now wishes to do a new project and so will sell the food court at a low price.

Đông Vui became very popular and was one of the "must visit" locations in Mui Ne, sometimes serving 300+ customers per day. The area can seat 280 people in differing styles such as sofas, dining tables, or high bar tables. The bar has a pool table, and can be made suitable for live entertainment.


During the pandemic, the owner kept Đông Vui open (at his own cost) to support the staff and cooks.

COVID caused extensive damage to Vietnam's tourist industry and many of the food court's kitchens had to close. However, this creates a superb opportunity to update the design and services, and to renovate as required. This is another reason for the low price.

The owner is willing to support a new operator for 2-3 months, but he wants to dedicate more time to other activities soon. Therefore the site and its assets are for sale either as a complete package or as a limited partnership, or as its individual assets.

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Business Opportunity

Option 1: Refurbish the site as a food court

  • Combine some of the smaller kitchens to leave 10-11 kitchens so that the cooks can be more profitable but there is still a wide range of international food.

  • Enlarge the main bar and create a live entertainment stage.

  • Refurbish the kitchen fronts to a new style combining ancient and modern.

Option 2: Convert the site to a specialist single food concept such as seafood, hotpots, table top barbecues, or a purely Vietnamese menu.

  • Enhance the bar area as an entertainment and social centre.

  • Create 2-3 large cooking areas which each produce only one sort of food.

Option 3: Refurbish the site as a single high capacity international restaurant

  • Enhance the bar area as an entertainment and social centre.

  • Create a large single kitchen and produce a smaller range of food but include seafood, pizza, barbecue etc.

  • Increase the covered seating capacity by removing kitchen fronts and converting kitchens to divided dining areas.

Option 4: Do you have another idea?

Dong Vui  - Draft version_edited.jpg
Dong Vui Night scene 01.jpg
Beer Tower 20210213_202713.jpg

Everything you need is available

Check the list of items included in the sale here. The list is not complete, it is too difficult to include all the items. The sale value of the items is estimated to be 500 million vnd. A better list can be provided.

  • The site has 3 covered dining areas with open areas covered by beautiful mature trees. The dining areas are wooden and the roofs are all coconut leaf. There is a range of different types of seating for 250 people (tables, chairs, sofas, etc). 

  • The central area has the main bar which is equipped with a large cold storage room. The bar has draft beer systems for 15 different beers, and has many spare items in nearly new condition.

  • Website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, Google account, email accounts, etc will all be transferred. 

  • All suppliers will be introduced. Sample contracts for cooks, land rental, etc are included. 

  • The dining areas are surrounded by smaller buildings that contain kitchens. Most need to be refurbished.

  • Almost everything that is now on site is included in the sale: Cash machines, printers, WIFI APs, fridges, freezers, cold room, bar equipment, kitchen equipment, tools, small generator, cleaning systems, advertising boards, light-boxes, etc. 

Not included...

The business is owned by a joint ownership limited liability company which is authorised to employ foreigners. Vietnamese buyers should open their own company and transfer the business into it.

Some contracts would be transferred: Electricity, water supply, internet.

The operator requires a new licence to sell food and drink.

The land rental agreement has been negotiated, (please request details) but the new rental agreement must be between the landowner and the new operator. 

Easy Options

Option 1: Complete purchase 

A single payment and a signed transfer contract would secure complete ownership.

Option 2: Partial purchase, lease-purchase property 

A first year payment and a signed transfer contract for movable items, plus a lease contract for the infrastructure for 2-3 years for would secure ownership and the right to operate the business. After the contract term, all property would be owned by the new operator. This provides a low cost first year with slight higher costs in later years.

Option 3: Lease-purchase 2-3 years 

Payments made over 2-3 years, and a lease-purchase contract which transfers all property and rights when the final payment is completed.  

Other suggestions would be considered.

Reason for Sale

The current owner wishes to start a new project in another town. He cannot operate Dong Vui as well as setting up a new business. He bought the food court in 2016 and has now worked continuously for nearly 6 years.  A change of scenery is necessary.

The land lease agreement expired recently. The landowner agreed to allow Dong Vui to continue to operate for a few more months without rent. It is an ideal time to hand over the site to a new operator.


Zalo:  0834517858

Whatsapp: +84834517858

Phone (Tiếng Việt):- 0379101150

Phone (English):- 0834517858

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